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How To Find Lost Keys & Prevent Losing Again.

It happens most of the time when we are unable to find our keys and other items such as wallets, and handbags. But finding them is like searching for a treasure. 


Following are a few recommendations to help you find your keys and never lose them again


  • Stay Calm
  • Be Disciplined while searching
  • Clutter Areas should be focused
  • Retrace your steps
  • Use Prevention Techniques 
  • Forgetting is normal.


Stay Calm

When you are unable to find your keys, the very first thing you need to do is do not panic and stay calm. Psychology Experts say that you lose the ability to make decisions  when you are not relaxed or when you are in a panic. Remain calm and follow the following steps to easily find your lost keys.


Be Disciplined while searching

Make a map of the place in your mind where you lost your keys. If you are in your house. Check every room one by one. It has been noticed when you lose anything we keep searching for it in the same places again and again and hence we waste a lot of time by not searching the places where it can be. Be disciplined while searching and soon you will find your lost keys.


Clutter areas should be focused on


If you are looking for your keys then you should focus on the clutter places. We waste a lot of time searching our lost item in the places where we know that it can’t be here but we keep looking for it in these places. Our eyes naturally move to the easy places and we start searching our lost items there. 


Retrace your steps

When you are unable to find your keys. Think like an investigator. An investigator recreates the crime scene in this mind to find clues and focus on points that others missed. 


You need to recreate the scene in your mind. Were keys in your hand when you entered the house? Maybe you forgot them in your car and they are still hanging there When you last saw the keys. What you did after that. In which rooms you went. and do the same things again.

Use Prevention Techniques 


The study says we lose those things often which are important to us and we place them to keep safe but then forget where we saved them. You need to do one thing, keep your all important things in one place so these things are always accessible.


For example, buy a key chain holder for every key you have and keep all keys there. In this way, you won’t lose them again.




Take the help of technology to always help you when you are unable to find your keys. There are many key finder devices to help you find your lost keys. You need to tag these small tracking devices with your keys. These trackers use Bluetooth to connect with your phone. After that, you can use a mobile app to see where your keys are. When you are unable to find your keys. Open the mobile app and press “find keys” on the screen and this device will start ringing. Follow the alarm and you will find your keys in a few seconds.


There are many key finders that you can buy for example Tile Mate and TrackR Pixel key finder    but you need to do some research to buy the best key finder. You can save your time by clicking here  and read the list of the best Bluetooth tracking devices reviewed by Review Glory 


By following these steps you will find your lost keys. And by using prevention techniques you will never lose your keys again. 


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