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OnePlus Nord + Buds

The oneplus nord and the oneplus buds were just announced these are two more value-focused products from oneplus where they try to deliver really good performance for a reasonable price now before we get into pricing and all the details of these things the thing i needed to know right when i got this package was not what the phone would look like even though it’s a little bit different from the renders it was important but even more important was the color of the charging cable i was so convinced that they would deliver a blue charging cable because all the marketing material on oneplus nord was blue and it comes in like this a red one this won’t do we gotta fix this that’s right that’s the way it should be okay oneplus nord comes in two colors this one here is blue marble uh it’s this bright blue it’s unfortunately not called dave 2d teal it’s not even teal anyways it’s definitely bluer than teal but it’s a pretty nice color it does have a gloss finish though we’ve been treated some really nice satin finished oneplus phones over the past little bit like the oneplus 8 and the oneplus 8 pro these have that kind of textured glass material this is smooth glass it’s a little bit more reflective and fingerprints and smudges will show more readily on this material versus the satin finish phones but it’s a nice color and the other variant the gray onyx version is the same kind of finish also a smooth glass back in Europe

it starts at 399 depending on the region that you’re picking it up in you have to look up the pricing but this feels like a appropriately priced phone with eight gigs of ram at the bottom end 128 gigs of storage it’s well equipped to have a really fast and smooth phone experience the display panel is a 90hz amoled panel it’s hard to portray in videos so it’s something you just have to experience but for some people that are sensitive to it and appreciate it it is a more fluid visual experience the processor in here snapdragon 765g it’s 5g capable if that matters to you and it feels weirdly fast like snapdragon 700 series chips are never particularly performance focused not that this one is like the fastest thing out there but it definitely feels like it keeps up with 800 series phones like if you put this beside the oneplus 8 pro you can tell that the 8 pro is the faster one for sure but this keeps up it just feels fast now the difference between this chip and something like the snapdragon 865 is primarily going to be when you’re playing 3d games or basically graphically intense applications which means you probably won’t care that much considering the price point now i noticed in the box it included a case uh this is just like a plain rubber i think it’s rubber case that fits on the back of it but one thing i noticed is that the usb-c port has this plug that you can just close up the port with but the oneplus nord itself is not officially water resistant so it’s nice that they include a case with this usbc plug to keep that water out okay the speaker notice how i use the singular of that word not speakers but speaker

it’s a mono speaker on the bottom and it’s loud but man it is so noticeable to come from stereo speakers back to a mono speaker phone it’s just weird but that’s what you get 400 bucks the in-display fingerprint sensor is pretty fast and it’s got your alert slider on the side which is very classically one plus i was worried that they would remove this because some of the earlier renders didn’t have it but it’s here alert slider on the oneplus nord you also get fast 30 watt warp charging with this awesome teal cable that they don’t include and up front there’s two focal lengths for the selfie cam a wide and a regular all right let’s talk about the camera so this is a triple camera system well it’s four lenses but the fourth one is a depth sensor now the main sensor uses the same hardware as the oneplus 8 so i’d expect good photos nothing amazing but again considering the price on this thing i’m happy with it i’m actually surprised that they were using this sensor like i feel like at this price point they had to lower it like if you consider the difference between these phones now like the oneplus 8 and the oneplus nord especially because those camera systems are so similar it’s tough right i think for a purchase decision the oneplus nord looks really attractive but i’ll be doing a proper examination of camera system in my full review of this phone but the overall take of this phone like an early impression of it is that it’s really good like it feels nice in your hand doesn’t have the curved edges on the glass good weight good size big battery 40 100 milliamp hours a little bit bigger than that it’s just it’s a solid phone for the money now.

I want to move off this phone to what i feel like is the more interesting conversation to be had the cable no let’s talk about the oneplus buds when i looked at these two products the first one that came to mind was like i want to do a in-depth kind of analysis of these things and then i was thinking of bringing like all the earbuds that i have but the moment you open these you’ll realize that there’s only one product out there that oneplus was trying to outdo there’s only one competitor one real competitor to the oneplus buds it’s this 160 dollar air pods from apple now this is also a very basic wireless earbud like they both don’t have active noise cancellation they both don’t have foam or rubber ear tips for like comfort and fit they’re just really simple wireless earbuds really basic and they both have hard tips like hard plastics for the tip now this is something that is very divisive some people love this type of fit some people hate it right it’s like chocolate and vanilla everyone’s got a preference but there’s no rhyme or reason as to which one you like some people like hard tips some people don’t if you’re someone who hates hard tip ear buds because they don’t fit in your ear or you don’t like the sound of it then you should just close off this video and leave a thumbs up anyways on your way out but for the people that do like this i’m one of them i’m one of the people that enjoy hard tipped earbuds.

You want to pay attention because these i think are very interesting products let’s talk about sound first so i spent a stupid amount of time trying to discern the differences between the airpods and the oneplus buds they are very similar in terms of sound quality now that them are particularly amazing they’re both mediocre right now these have great audio but that’s not the point here we’re going for convenience but they sound very similar and this is 80 this is 160 it’s tough to do comparisons when one product is half the price of the other now with the apple air pods these things are just extremely reliable they’re very convenient and they’re very easy to pair and stuff like that but the reliability is what really sticks out to me it doesn’t drop out it’s just a rock solid connection that anyone can appreciate the one plus buds i’ve only had these for a week and you know two three charge cycles but it feels solid no bluetooth dropouts really easy to connect to a oneplus device and easy to switch between devices even laptops it just feels like a solid overall product and really well worth the 80 so my initial impression when i saw this product was like okay it’s an inexpensive earbud doesn’t have wireless charging doesn’t have all the bells and whistles the first thing i thought like the knee-jerk reaction was this is a money grab this is oneplus taking some product off of alibaba and like rebranding it with a oneplus logo but having used this for a little bit i don’t think so i legitimately think that this is a solid product i don’t know how this will be long term right this is relatively early in the product launch cycle i don’t know how the battery will last that’s another thing i want to get into because like earpods these are 160 bucks when these things are like 8 10 months of regular use you start to notice the decrease in battery life the oneplus buds support some form of fast charging not like you know warp charge pumping 30 watts into this thing it’s not that fast but it is fast enough that you can get 10 hours of use with just 10 minutes of charging it’s cool right it’s very fast but what’s that gonna look like down the line like if i fast charge this thing every day for eight months 10 months 12 months a year from now what is this battery life going to look like i don’t have the data for that i don’t think anybody does but in its current state i highly recommend it i think it’s a fantastic sounding earbud it’s just i don’t know about long-term use now in terms of the mic quality they’re also very similar i’ll just play some sound samples let me explain to you as to why teal is the best color on the planet simply it’s just not red i have a hair dryer going on in the background right now so you should be able to tell the difference in noise cancellation between the two different mics so you get seven hours of battery life on a charge and when you’re done with the pods and they’re depleted you can stick it back into the case it juices it back up and you get a total of 30 hours if you have a fully charged uh oneplus but now i i plugged it up to a regular usbc charger.

It takes about an hour and a half to charge this thing from zero to full that’s with everything depleted right the earbuds and the case being at zero an hour and a half to juice it back up and that gives you 30 hours of use that’s a lot of numbers a lot of math going on but hope it’s clear but i like the one plus buds i really do i just i wish i had long-term data for this video so that you guys could get a uh like a better picture of the product overall now just some closing thoughts on oneplus launch for today the oneplus nord and the oneplus buds are they’re kind of like middle of the road products right mid-tier stuff not super high-end not super expensive but one of the one of the comments that i often see when it comes to people who dislike the brand and it’s totally fine to you know not like oneplus but one of the comments i often see is this idea that you know oneplus has mediocre products with really good marketing especially from youtubers and i get that i do feel like they do their marketing differently from like let’s say samsung but i will say the one thing that oneplus does well and it’s present in both of these products is their software it’s clean like you see the oneplus nord very clean software just like all the regular oneplus phones but you can also see that like dna of clean software in this product this is a product that is so easy to screw up.


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