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OnePlus Nord – Something new

Let’s talk about the oneplus Nord this has got to be one of the most interesting phones for me that’s going to come out this year not just for the phone itself but the whole idea behind it so when the 1 + 8 + 8 Pro launched there were rumors that there will be a third variant called the oneplus 8 light it didn’t come out and then after that people are saying that there was going to be a cheap thing called the 1 plus Z didn’t come out and now we have it oneplus has officially stated it’s gonna be called the oneplus Nord now if you look at their Instagram page.

it’s like the only marketing stuff they have out so far on it but it is clearly different from the regular oneplus stuff right oneplus marketing materials normally focus on like speed and performance like it’s normally for this very tech-savvy audience a very feature demanding audience this stuff on the new oneplus Nord material feels different it feels lighter it feels like it’s for a younger crowd and the big thing the big feature is really price now I don’t know how I feel about them using teal which is the best color in the world to represent a cheaper inferior product line right teal should be associated with the best stuff in the world not red so if you look at the rumoured specs it looks pretty decked out right the processor isn’t the fastest thing out there but nothing really sticks out as being inadequate there’s no wireless charging supposedly but the overall phone specs are on point the thing with the 1 + 8 and the 8 pro phones the focus of this phone the focus of these phones has always been speed right you see it in the marketing campaigns with the oneplus Nord it really seems focused on price and that’s become a thing like if you look at 1 + as pricing over the years I’ve talked about this in every single one of my recent oneplus videos their pricing has creeped up over theirs and you really see it in the comments right every year there’s just an increasing number of comments from you guys that are like the pricing is just insane it’s bonkers how is this stuff eight $900 $1,000 they’ve become really expensive so for oneplus to kind of reset and go back to the roots of these inexpensive phones it’s something special so here we are at the cusp of yet another one + phone launch but this time it’s supposed to be priced below 500 bucks my guess is going to between like 350 and 400 bucks depending on the region and exchange rate but that’s my personal guess it’s gonna be relatively inexpensive there is however a caveat to all this I mean it all sounded too good to be true right a 1 plus phone for $350 the stipulation is availability it’s going to launch in India and Europe first and then later a limited beta program in North America so if you live in the US or Canada and you want this thing the moment it’s available when it does come out for that limited beta thing you got again on it right away because I think it’s gonna move super fast and it kind of makes sense in terms of their launch strategy like to hit up India and Europe first because though like they just have such a strong fan base there people love them.

there so it makes sense hit the tried and tested markets first and then expand elsewhere like India already has a hardcore fan base for oneplus as regular priced phones I can only imagine what it’ll be like for a cheap one plus phone it’ll be on another level so here’s the thing the question that I feel like everyone’s gonna have is how is this gonna be so cheap how can they make a 350 to $400 phone with those type of specs right I don’t care what kind of economies of scale are happening that is a super inexpensive phone for what you’re getting and the profit margin is gonna be crazy thin so here’s my theory I think just the the parent company or the sister a brother company Oppo BBK whatever it is I think they’re gonna foot the bill I think they’re gonna eat the cost and do whatever it takes to make the oneplus Nord happen now the question is why right why get into the business of making smart phones with very slim margins why get into the business of doing the whole thing over again right I feel like they did this in two thousand or fourteen are they gonna just bump up the price year and year again like what’s what’s the endgame here I think that one plus has gone to a stage it’s not just one plus the whole smartphone industry has gone to the point where hardware has become it’s just become less valuable it’s gone to the point where ecosystems and and like you the best thing is to get customers hooked onto a brand the way that Apple does it right you have your phones but you have million services to sell them you have million other products to sell them one-plus right now is in a position with all they can do is sell hardware like the current one plus I think one plus Nord is designed to build a user base to expand their user base as wide as possible so they can start selling services and products to just to keep the thing going to keep the business model going so I mean this is all speculative right but if you think about it they’re not gonna just repeat exactly what they did with the first one plus phones right they’re not gonna you know with the next year when one plus Nord 2 comes out in the Nord 3 then I’m just gonna creep up the price the load be the point of that it’d be like that’d be super boring I feel like Karl Karl pay the guy that’s behind this whole thing he’s a smart dude he loves he loves startups.

I feel like this is his plan it’s just like you you grow one plus to be more than one plus could ever be with just their premium brand because this isn’t just another one plus product this doesn’t sit on the shelf with the 1 + 8 and the 1 + 8 Pro this is a completely new branch for oneplus so we’ve seen phones like the PACU phones and redmi phones from xiaomi that do something similar in the sense that they’re like a offshoot lower budget line of phone but the oneplus nord feels it feels different I feel like it’ll actually you know what forget what I feel I don’t know what you guys think because I like personally I’m clearly interested in this phone I think it’s gonna do well I I’m and I’m really curious to see what the impact of a phone that’s priced like this does in the current landscape but what do you guys think do you think this will do well are you interested if you’re in India if you’re in Europe are you gonna pick this up because it’s from a North Americans perspective that’s sitting here hoping that we can get them this seems like an incredible phone for the money okay hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs if you liked it subs have you loved it I’ll see you guys next time


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