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The GLOWING Gaming Laptop Asus Strix G15

When i cover gaming laptops on this channel i try to find either a device that i’m really drawn to like something that i would want to use personally or i try to find a device that’s really good value like good performance for the money this machine doesn’t quite fit in either of those it starts at 900 bucks so it’s not an expensive machine per se but it’s not like the best performing machine for the money but it does have two features that i know a lot of people are drawn to like people asked me to cover this thing last year i skipped it last year but they’ve made some changes some improvements and i feel like it’s a noteworthy addition to the 2020 gaming laptop lineup so here we are this is the rog strix it’s the fourth edition but this in particular is the electro punk version it comes in a few variants but what makes these things special is the lighting like the rgb at the bottom is something that is very unique and you do not normally get this at this kind of price point it’s actually one of its coolest features it’s very bright fully customization and i got to be honest.

i really like these leds now in the past i’ve talked about how when it comes to rgbs on laptops and any kind of electronics once you’ve seen it once you’ve seen them all but on this device it’s a little bit different because it’s just so unique and normally you have to pay a lot more money to get something that is as brightly lit as this particular machine now the second thing that’s unique on this device is the screen it’s a 144hz panel and for gaming laptops that cost under a thousand bucks this is not common normally with base models you have to get 60 hertz screens and then upgrade them to higher refresh rates this comes with a good screen at the base model so the overall package is pretty solid the performance is good it’s running a six core intel processor and a gtx 1650 ti so it’s not amazing right there’s obviously devices that push out way better frame rates but considering

the overall package it’s very respectable now in terms of thermal performance this machine has a ton of thermal headroom like this is the base model right so it doesn’t have a particularly super hot graphics card you can configure this up to an rtx 2070 max q so something that runs a lot hotter and at the base model there’s just a lot of room now i don’t know how this thing will perform at the top end right if you stuff this thing with that super hot gpu or the fastest gpu available i feel like this will struggle it has the same kind of thermal system as last year’s model but the difference is that this year they’re running liquid metal it’s some stuff from thermal grizzly is not a massive difference right it’s probably maybe three four degrees better than just regular thermal paste but it is significant when it comes to laptop thermal design uh the fan noise is pretty average it doesn’t get crazy loud or anything and you have nice control of those fans in the software but because this is equipped with a gtx 1650 ti i can’t be like this is the fastest machine out there for a thousand bucks it isn’t right if you spend this kind of money you can get rtx 2060 equipped laptops which are like 40 better in terms of graphical performance but on this machine in addition to the crazy lights up front you also get a nice screen so the panel is fast and games play very smoothly on it you can play you know competitive shooters you can play open world games and i think it’s a very good pairing with the gpu like i feel like gaming laptops that have 60 hertz screens with powerful gpus just don’t make sense anymore now there are some design elements on this laptop which you may not like the big thing is that there’s pink everywhere it’s got pink was keys it’s got pink trim on the touch pad it’s got a pink border or pink trim around the edge of the screen i actually thought this lit up at first like when i looked at the press photos i thought this was an rgb trim to the screen but it’s just pink plastic and the front of it also has a pink rog logo.

i got be honest like i don’t mind the color pink i feel like there are people that don’t like it though but the other thing is that because it’s pink and you can’t change the color of the plastic it kind of limits what you would use for the rgb lighting like there’s only so many colors that look nice with pink blue and pink look great polygon is the coolest pokemon out there but if you put like i don’t know green well green would look okay but like orange like you just lose a lot of the spectrum because of the pink it just doesn’t look quite right at least to me now in terms of ports there’s actually no ports on the right side which is a little strange like if you’re a right-handed mouse user your cable now has to go around the back of the laptop which is it’s not the end of the world but it is a little bit different on the left there’s three USB-a ports and they’re actually pretty tight to each other so if you have a dongle or an adapter might block some of the adjacent USB ports and then on the back you have your ac adapter socket as well as your USB-c does not support that level 3 and you have your Ethernet jack and an hdmi out so the port selection is okay there’s no sd card slot and there’s also no webcam at the top if that was something you were looking for now the whole device is made with a poly-carbonate plastic it’s plastic on the top and the keyboard deck and the bottom panel it’s all plastic but it is well made like there’s nothing in here that feels poorly engineered or poorly designed i feel like in 2020 companies that are using plastics in their laptops they’re doing it right the hinge is a little bit different from a lot of other gaming laptops it’s the same design as last year’s model it kind of goes in and out of the device as you open and close it it seems well made though like there were no problems last year and i feel like it’s going to be the same for this year’s model the keyboard is a pretty standard keyboard for an asus gaming laptop I’ve always liked it easy to type on with good lighting and the track pad feels pretty nice as well it’s accurate it also has dedicated hardware buttons so for people that like to just click separate buttons to the left and right instead of clicking the whole touch pad mechanism if you need to get inside the laptop it’s easy to open it up but be careful of the cables that connect the lighting system.

we have access to your two ram slots but only one is populated on the base model you have your three ssd base which is more than most 15-inch laptops and then you also have your wi-fi card the battery down here is 48 watt hours not a big one i only got three and a half hours with all the lighting off and screen at 250 nits but it’s actually a pretty average battery size and battery life for this kind of price point uh so that is the strip four or like the fourth generation of strix i think that this is difficult to compete in terms of like best performance right there are so many devices out there nowadays that have really good value at that thousand dollar price point like the g5 se the like the other asus product like there’s an asus tough which i personally don’t love it’s got thermal issues but it does perform better than this in terms of just raw performance i mean there’s a whole bunch of them out there but this has one of the most unique lighting systems you can get now i’m going to close off this video with a more personal message if you’re someone who’s looking for a laptop at a very particular budget let’s say it’s a thousand dollars or two thousand dollars whatever it is and you hop into Reddit.

if you ask me for like a value focused device i would recommend those same few machines but sometimes you might be drawn to something like this you’re drawn to the pink you’re drawn to the rgb whatever it is that you like about machines that aren’t you know the same few performance focused or value focused machines it’s totally cool you can pick up stuff like this because sometimes you’re this is what makes people happy right.


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